Saturday, June 5, 2010

#2: Identifying Fake People

As much fun as being a black person is, under certain conditions it's not so easy. With a history of getting generally screwed over, it is important for black people to discern who they can trust and who they cannot, between those people who are really friends of black folk and John Mayer. As a result, black people have a very keen fake-dar, that is, identifying those individuals whose friendliness is a thin veil for dark ulterior motives.

Black people have over the years made it very clear that fake people are absolutely intolerable. Physically pointing out and publicly shaming these fakies is encouraged, just to make it easy and save others the ugly hardship of finding out someone they may associate with is indeed the ever-abhorred fake ass nigga.

Besides keeping fake people in check, outing fake people is also beneficial to those real folk, as being real is a quality cherished by black people the world over. Once you have been identified as a real dude/female, you are free to mix and mingle to your heart's content amongst the realest of black people.

If not: trust and believe you will be cut off with the quickness. Enjoy a life of red-letter status contempt and stank looks

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